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Track all your Algorand and ASA investments

Dominate the ecosystem with the ultimate Algorand trader tool.
Buy APF and get involved in the project to receive rewards

(Under production)

Connect Unlimited Accounts

Connect your wallet address and all your ASAs will be listed, with price detail, balance, amount, variation, and graphs.


  • Clear overview of all assets
  • Track all your accounts
  • Check recent portfolio variations


Define Price Alerts

Set your alarms and receive push notification alerts for price variations on any ASA you want to track

  • Study graphs for a Technical Analysis of any ASA

Plan your investments

Participate in polls about price prediction, benefit from mass wisdom before deciding to buy or sell an asset


  • Track your yields, APY and liquidity
key features


DeFi 2.0
Users participate and own the project. Hold our token to participate in management decisions and receive rewards.

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