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-What is the price of $APF in the presale?

There is no fixed price. The presale is only time capped, meaning that anyone can contribute any amount (over a minimum of 10a), and we won’t know the launch price of $APF until presale closes. Then it will be 1BnAPF/Total presale algos.

-When will early backers get their share of the presale token?

Presale participants will receive their tokens on layered vesting, at a rate of 10% each week after launch, for a total of 10 weeks wait. The exact date and time of each distribution are not disclosed (stealth). As the presale allocation is 10% of the whole supply, this means that 1% of the total supply will be distributed every week. This condition has been updated as of 22-March-2022 to improve conditions for early backers and protect investors from excessive price volatility around presale distribution, and follows the advice from experienced ASA creators and advisors in the Algorand ecosystem. (Previous plan was to distribute 100% of the presale token after a 3 month wait).

-Can I make more than 1 transfer for the presale?

Yes. It’s irrelevant how many transfers or from different accounts etc. It will all be distributed proportionally to the participation.

-When will the app launch?

We’ll release a beta during the first weeks of April 2022. Early backers will get to beta-test it and suggest anything they want to.

-Why did you set up this strange presale system?

We never thought it was strange or that it would generate so many questions. 
The only reason we set up this kind of presale is because we read it was more effective than the usual type, and we got inspired by this paper: 

-As an early backer, is it better for me to keep the project secret, so fewer people will participate in the presale and I will get more APF?

We can’t provide financial advice, but that makes no sense. Even if you get more APF the fewer presale participants there are, keeping it secret would make APF’s price lower due to less participation. 
In our opinion, what early backers want is that the project succeeds, so the APF they bought keepa increasing in value.
In other words, participants would prefer to have 100 APF worth 1000 algos, than to have 10000 APF worth 1 algo, for example.
The only wake to make APF value higher is to help the project in any way you can, even if only by spreading the word and making it viral.

- Does it make any difference if I participate in the presale right now or can I wait for the last day?

It does help the project's image if you participate early and everyone can see that we already have a lot of backing from the community, but no, it won’t make a difference as to the amount of APF you get or anything else.

- Can I participate in the presale if I’m a US resident?

Short answer: according to SEC's current regulation, we can’t offer our token in the pre-sale phase to you.
Long answer:



- How exactly do you plan to monetize the app?

Basically by sponsors. For example, imagine you are browsing $YLDY graph, price history, etc. You might see a link on the screen to "Buy YLDY". That link may take you directly to PactFi, AlgoDex or similar. Well, those DEXs would be paying us for that link.

There are other ways too: maybe other ASAs want to advertise their token on the app, or other companies that want to promote their services might want to place ads, etc. 

Following the former example, if PactFi is the only exchange where you can buy $YLDY, then they have a monopoly of sorts and no reason to pay for advertising. If everyone is using Tinyman 1. 1, PactFi might want to pay us handsomely to redirect our users to their site instead.

Even if these might seem simplistic, they are time-tested and proven ways to monetize an app. The income they can produce is directly proportional to the number of users the app has, and the competition advertisers have.

The biggest and most well-known free crypto tracker app in the market was acquired by BINANCE in 2020 for $400M, which proves that a free app, monetized only by links or ads, might be super profitable as long as it has many active users.

- Do you have plans to integrate a DEX on the ASA Portfolio app using multiple APIs like Tinyman, Wagmiswap, and humbleswap?

As we build the app, we’ve found it very easy to integrate tinyman’s swaps on the app, but let's focus on the first steps first.

If everything goes well, once the app is launched, rolling, and profitable, we'd for sure love to integrate a DEX (not only Tinyman but the one that offers the best sponsorship) into the ASA Portfolio app.


-Have you committed to using tinylock for LP upon initial deployment?

We would be very happy to lock liquidity using Tinylock or any other available tool. As you know, the total algos obtained in the presale will be used to provide liquidity for the launch (LGE, Liquidity Generation Event).

That liquidity pool will stay there for as long as the project lives, which we hope means many many years, decades even.

At the moment these lines are written on 16th February 2022, Tinylock smart contract has not been audited, and already a bug was found a few days ago that required patching and migrating all existing pools.


Our choice, for now, would be not to use it, but we’re biased because we know we can trust ourselves not to rugpull, and therefore we prefer not to risk it with Tinylock which can suffer an exploit or similar.

On the 1st of April, we hope to have found a 100% safe liquidity locker. Otherwise, we’ll have to set up a vote where early backers can decide which one presents less of a risk to them: Tinylock or us.

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