In order to allow early backers to participate in the creation, development, and profits from the app, ASAPortfolio has it's own ASA, verified by algoexplorer:

The token creator's account and main reserve of APF is the following: 


The token, $APF, will be used as a utility token, giving early access to the beta, then the right to participate in governance, and finally to obtain rewards for participating in the development and growth of the app; a share in the revenue it makes.

The rewards to holders will be made available at least once every quarter, after the app has been launched and becomes profitable.

The launch phase will have to go through the following token related steps:


Once we upload the first website version, we will announce the presale on various social networks, mainly Twitter and Reddit. Any investor who wants to be an early backer will have to send Algos to the creator's wallet.

At the end of the presale period, a ledger will be published with all early backer accounts, their contribution, and a report of the amount of ASA Portfolio token (APF) they will be entitled to.

The initial price of $APF will only be determined once the presale closes, and will be equivalent to 1Bn APF / Total algo presale pot.

Presale ended in 31st March 2022 and reach a total of 72.020 algos, fixing the initial price at roughly 13k APF / algo.

2.Token launch and liquidity pool.

Liquidity launch was successful, placing all 72k algos in Tinyman liquidity pool in this address QX3Q5ZANETFFFUXUJVY4PXBEVIFWYLEDFBQWPJNIYPRGCFFZ57ED44PU6U and reaching an ATH in liquidity of 340k algos, which put Asa Portfolio in the top 10 ASAs in the Algorand ecosystem.

3. Liquidity and Staking rewards.

After the initial backers have received their corresponding token shares, we'll offer rewards for staking and providing liquidity, and we'll give away small amounts of token in airdrops, or as rewards to influencers, for broadcasting our project.

After a governance voting by MoonX ASA tools, APF holders decided to use Algostake platform for the liquidity and staking rewards. The tokenomics allocation for this was moved to the following address: APFSKHRY22R4I4MZSOCBNKNGO4CE7R4BKD25PAFCX7C4C5BHTCJDZ44CU4

4. Development 

The development reserve of the token will be used as a payroll complement to initial developers. As you can see, we'll be needing a lot of help, especially in the front-end, multimedia, and social networking department, and expect our team to grow a lot. With this reserve, we will offer our token to collaborators, as rewards, for extra motivation and gratitude for building the app.

5. Growth & Expansion

The growth reserve will be used as a flexible reserve, to expand in whichever direction is needed. The team will decide where the reserve is most needed, be it liquidity providers, stackers, collaborators, etc. After the initial phase, once more than 50% of the token is into circulation, we'll implement a DAO system, so we'll be community-led; governed by the very holders of our token, and make all relevant decisions by submitting to vote.

6. Final product

The final, commercial status of ASAPortfolio App and its token, is to be profitable by itself, regardless of token price speculation. The revenue will come from advertising and sponsorship by other DAPPS, mainly exchanges, who will want to provide their links to our portfolio.

Profits will be shared with APF holders as rewards for their participation in governance and marketing the app.